How do i get bitcoin?

So if you’re looking at our clips and think yep that’s cool i’d go for some of that, but you don’t know what to do with Bitcoin, then don’t worry. It’s actually pretty straightforward.

You can buy bitcoin from a bunch of places quite easily. If you’re in the USA then the cashapp lets you buy bitcoin right there in the app. If you’re in the UK or USA then is another good option. The setup process is much like paypal in that you can register a card with them and then buying bitcoin is as simple as topping up your PayPal account. Beep boop. porn bought.

In some cases registering a card with coinbase can take a while (just like when you register a card with paypal). which is annoying but then once it’s done you can use it any time. There’s also a mobile app for coinbase which lets you scan qr codes for payment etc. It’s actually not terrible.

Don’t be mistaken, Coinbase are not your friends, just like Paypal are not your friends. Bitcoin is *not* anonymous when you buy it from somewhere like coinbase and then send it directly to a porn site or whatever. It’s generally a good idea to move your funds off the exchange into a self-custody wallet like electrum and then what you do with your funds from there is pretty much your business, and most importantly from that point on, even if it can be traced, *nobody* can stop you making that transaction. They can get upset about it but they can’t really stop it happening. So if you want to buy your femdom clips, nobody can stop you doing so.

And just like that you’ve moved yourself already somewhat outside the “my porn habits appear on my credit card statement and are judged monthly” realm. Taste that freedom. Isn’t it glorious? That’s pretty much Bitcoin’s main feature. Personally I get a full body tingle when I get a Bitcoin tribute from one of my subs.

Please also note you probably shouldn’t be learning about Bitcoin from an adult site (try this guy instead) but I guess here we are on the front line of Bitcoin education 🙂