Mistress Rouge and Domina Sara – strap-on client

Domina Sara and Mistress Rouge get to work on both ends of their subby with various strap-ons implements…starting off quite moderate but ending up with a *huge* device…

Domina Sara and Mistress Krush – Dual slave part 2

This clip is actually a continuation of a previous clip (here) featuring the delectable Domina Sara and her equally sadistic partner-in-pain Mistress Krush. The devilish duo have moved on from the breathplay and now have the one sub strapped to Read More …

Domina Sara and Mistress Krush – 4-way 69

This is just a short clip but definitely one not to miss 😉 Domina Sara, Mistress Krush and two of their subs are all entwined in a frenzied 4-way 69. Hot!

Mistress Krush – Food degradation

The delicious Mistress Krush gets down and dirty with her sub in this clip when she “shares” some of her lunch…messy!

Mistress Krush – Strapcage and hooded slut cocksucking

The delectable Mistress Krush takes her one already intoxicated slut and releases him from its sensory deprivation, and promptly puts it to work servicing the other slut in the strapcage…as well as allowing it the privilege of a little ass/panty Read More …